How-to videos to use Hubtiger

Bike sale & post-sale messages

When selling bikes in your POS, Hubtiger can automatically send messages

1 article

Calendar and Job Cards

How to work with the calendar and job cards.

4 articles


How to create and configure checklists.

2 articles

Deliveries and Collections

Setting up your delivery and collection options

1 article

Getting Started

Quick intro to get started

2 articles


Customize your messages.

2 articles


How to create, sync with POS and configure your products.

2 articles


Configure all your rental options.

6 articles


Prompt your customers to leave reviews online.

1 article

Shop Rides

Manage and spread the word about upcoming rides.

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Emails and SMS messages

Setting messages up

1 article


Setting up services.

4 articles

Staff, working hours and leave

Create users, Set working hours, admin time and leave

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